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    Web & Social Media

    Data Collection
    Automated data collection and organization for all major social media sites
    Web spidering and crawling for custom website and forum data collection
    Conditional parsing and processing based on research requirements
    Interactive interfaces for data coding, trend analysis, presentation & publication
    Over a decade of enterprise-level web application development and IT experience
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    Automated data collection from any web source
    Web spidering, scraping, and data migrations
    Interactive data manipulation and presentation
    Graduate student and researcher consulting
    3rd party API and cloud services
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    Latest Web Technologies
    Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, Nginx, and others
    Classic LAMP stack development & scripting with PHP and MySQL
    Cloud-based virtual servers for instant scalability
    Traditional and single-page apps
    RESTful APIs ready for mobile and beyond

i3 Data Consulting

I specialize in data collection, processing, and interactive management and display systems for academia and independent researchers and organizations. My custom solutions allow you to quickly and accurately collect and organize large quantities of data based on your unique criteria and research requirements. Be it social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) or web spidering/scraping from forums, blogs, or websites, I custom build parsers and applications that fit your needs.

Data Collection

No matter the source, if you need web-based data collected and organized in a hurry, I can help. Conducting the latest research requires the quick collection of accurate data in a way that is conducive to your study methodology. I know a lot about research using web-based data and I'm here to help.

Web Spidering and Scraping

I have years of experience in writing spiders that crawl web targets and collect necessary data. Anything you can see on a website, and even some of what you can't, can be collected! Data manipulation, pre/post processing, and other conditional logic can also be run on data pieces to automate flagging and coding of data.

Data Presentation

Don't stop at data collection! I can also build custom interfaces for data manipulation and presentation including qualitative coding systems, interactive public interfaces, and data access points for sharing your findings/data pre and post publication.

Web Development Consulting

Because of my extensive web development and IT background, I also provide general web application development services. With nearly a decade in enterprise-level application development experience, I have worked in everything from blogs and project websites to e-commerce and million+ page view websites.

Student Consulting

Are you a student in need of assistance with a web-based research project? Be it data collection, research design, or assistance with methods and tools, I offer special pricing and limited free advice for students. All student services are offered in compliance with academic integrity standards.

Cloud and API Services

Looking to utilize the latest in cloud-based and API services? We have experience with many service providers including Amazon's AWS, DigitalOcean, MailJet, Facebook, and others. Be it deployment to the cloud or collecting data from it, I can help get you what you need.

About Me


Hi, my name is Brandon and I have been in web development and IT for over 10 years. I specialize in system architecture, application development, system administration, and data collection & processing but have experience in pretty much everything that’s out there these days. I have a particular affinity for web and migration scripts that automate data collection and parsing hence my desire to offer this niche business to help researchers who specialize in web-based data research.

Academically, I hold a PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Arizona State University and am thus well equipped to help academic and private researchers with data problems. My doctoral research was based on the automated collection of social media data wrapped in a custom qualitative coding interface that made the collection and coding of my data so much easier.

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