What We Do

Professional web application development and AWS cloud services consulting.

Modern Web Apps

Using the latest JavaScript tools like NodeJS, Angular, React, and Vue we offer cutting-edge application development. Be it backend APIs or front end SPAs, we have experience doing all of it from small scale to enterprise-level applications.

Our developers have experience building enterprise-level applications in the banking, finance, entertainment, guest management, newspaper, classifides, travel/leisure, and academic & research industries. We specialize in API development for web and mobile consumption. Leverage our wide expertise for your project's needs and save the hassle of dealing with people who need to learn on the job.

Amazon Web Services
AWS Cloud Consulting

From basic storage services to a completely serverless architecture, we can help get your organization into the cloud fast, efficiently, and securely. Performance, security, scalability, and availability are the hallmarks of cloud services and we have experience in both the development and implementation spheres in AWS.

Our developers are AWS certified and can code projects from the get-go with a cloud deployment in mind. We are equiped to know what services should be code or serivce managed, which means that you don't have to waste time and money refactoring down the road.

Academic data collection
Academic Data Collection

There's a world of data out there to be collected and processed. Let us help with your research needs through automated data gathering. Be it social media data collectors, data cleaning/processing, manipulation and conversion, or just web-data research consulting, we can help.

In addition to data collection and processing, we also offer data visualization and presentation interfaces. Whether you need to make your research data public/searchable or want a public web interface to accompany a journal publication or conference presentation, we can help with all of it.

How We Work

We're a team, each step of the way

Creative Brainstorming

Our initial meeting will be exploratory in nature. Tell us about your idea, product, or service and what your goals and concerns are. Ask any questions about the technology we use and let us show you how we organize and deliver results. Together, we will outline the steps and major milestones for your project so that you understand and are comfortable with everything.

Collaborative Planning

We operate in an Agile and iterative manner. This allows us to start working on your project sooner without necessarily knowing every detail upfront. To get started, we'll plan out the work and requirements for the first two-to-four weeks (called sprint cycles). We'll repeat these cycles of planning, build, check-in until the resulting deliverable meets your expectations. This method allows for maximum flexibility and a minimal need to, "predict the future."

Work/Sprint Cycles

Throughout the sprint cycles, we'll be in constant contact through our project management software. As each feature becomes available at the end of each sprint, we'll give you access so that you can determine if it meets your needs and if we're on the right track. The idea is that at the end of each sprint cycle, we have a deliverable that, while possibly not complete, is working and could ship if needed. Improvements are done with each consecutive sprint. This allows for course corrections earlier vs waiting for a "finished product" and realizing something is incorrect.

Transparency in Code

Our philosophy is that if you hire us to build you something, it's yours; all of it. We'll give you access to the source code and any other materials in a fully transparent manner for you to peruse and check. We do this through tools like GitHub, AWS IAM credential access, and shared documents and documentation.

Delivery and Beyond

When you are satisfied with the status of your project, we'll work together in deploying it to whatever destination you need. Maybe it's within your own infrastructure, maybe it's in the cloud, maybe it's just some files sent over email. No matter the form, delivering your project is the culmination of something great and we're here to help make not only the deployment/delivery but in maintenance and continued improvement.


Your satisfaction in the project is as important as its success and just because active development is done, doens't mean that our team is. We'll always be available for further advising, bug fixes, improvements, and anything else your project needs.

Who We Are

Serious professionals with serious experience.

Brandon Ching, PhD. - Owner, Cloud Architect

Brandon is the owner of i3 Data Consulting and has been in web development and IT since 2006. He specializes in system architecture, application development, system administration, and data collection & processing but has broad experience the development and IT world in general. Brandon's development experience is primarily in backend systems and spans both the LAMP and MEAN stacks with a more recent emphasis in NodeJS and cloud computing.

Academically, Brandon holds a PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Arizona State University and is thus well equipped to help academic and private researchers with data problems. He is also a current student at the University of Illinois' Master of Computer Science program with an emphasis in data science.

Gian Aguirre - Developer

Gian has been a web developer since 2014. Having known Brandon since their college days, they now work together at a technology startup in the events and guest management industry.

Gian specializes in MEAN stack development particularly in NodeJS, Angular, and MongoDB.

Julie Ching - QA and Automation, Project Manager

Julie is a recent entrant into the technology world coming from a career in the hospitality and customer service industries. A self-and-online taught QA and automation specialist, Julie's attention to detail and organization ensure our products ship as close to spec and are as bug free as possible. Her responsibilities include writing test cases, unit tests, front and backend automation scripts, and ensuring browser/mobile compatibility.

As the resident PM, Julie ensures that developers have all they need when starting sprints and makes sure that everyone (clients included) are on track to meet milestones.

A Few of our Clients

San Diego State University
Arizona State University

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